There are other things that profoundly impress. While increasingly many human relief organizations focus on fundraising and subcontract field operations to third parties, Doctors Without Borders insists on doing the work itself. In many crisis situations that means that Doctors Without Borders is there first. To do so consistently requires enormous commitment and courage, but also brings ample rewards, including a body of cumulative experience no other group can match.

Doctors Without Borders: Lean, Focused and Effective by Peter Cavelti

This first story spurred me in to create this page solely dedicated to other non-profits/charities and their fantastic work. It puts certain things in perspective for me and I’ll be surely looking at the Executive Summary again with another perspective.

We are human, trying to help other humans (and animals), in at times, a most inhumane world.
Julia Moreno Perri

That’s my take away. We can do much more and much better to end suffering. We hope to accomplish even a fraction of relief and assistance to those in dire need. Thank you for setting a great example, Doctors Without Borders! Your work is desperately important.